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For most independent dealers in the automotive industry, it has been a common practice to make use of paper based Ups log. This is how they did it when they were introduced to the industry, and so that is how they do it today. And it WORKS. However, today’s younger and technologically adept sales professionals are not at all keen to follow these paper Ups logs. 

Simple Auto CRM can be an excellent alternative for the dealerships looking to take this age old practice to the digital age. A high-quality and user-friendly online platform, this CRM solution for lead management can guide the entire manpower of a dealership to a position where accepting, cataloguing, following- up, and closing the customers become much easier. Simple Auto CRM also generates important reports that help the managers and owners to reduce the cost of advertising and increase the rate of closing. All these functions can be executed online utilizing internet connectivity via different types of devices. 

With the advancement in internet connectivity independent auto dealerships can utilize Simple Auto CRM using a phone, tablet or a desktop and allow the power of the web to help manage the most important aspect of their business, incoming customer leads, current customers, and future contact with past customers creating repeat business.

On average a dealer spends about $20 per lead. Simple Auto CRM guides the dealership staffs to catalog each of their valuable leads so that they can be followed-up properly. The situation, however, can change dramatically whenever there is a staff turnover. Many important business leads are lost through the paper ups logs and notebooks belonging to every employee leaving the organization. This loss can be eliminated easily by Simple Auto CRM. Whenever a staff turnover takes place, the management only needs to restrict the access of the employee to the system. Therefore, there is no risk of losing out on valuable leads for businesses that use Simple Auto CRM. 

Therefore, the migration of the dealerships to the digital Ups logs offered by Simple Auto CRM from the traditional paper based logs is critical for each of today’s auto dealerships. This will ensure complete protection for the customer leads even if the dealership faces a high level of attrition at some stage. 

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